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Empowered by G website release. . .

Short and concise, and to the point.

Everything starts with the "why".

Today is the day we chose to release our website, Empowered by G . Quite frankly, "it is about time for us to do a website" is what we hear constantly! So "why"? Our training and experiences over the years, from retailers (20+ years each) to business consultants and entrepreneurs bold well for this endeavor.

Sure, it could be another stream of income for us. And our "why" is so much more.

Okay, we can travel globally more, go to places we have never been. And other than South America and the Poles, we have combined to have visited many places already (we are culture and history fans!). We have seen the world. . .

We could do for ourselves, multiple streams of income is what we believe in and mentor/coach others. And yet, there is still much more. . ."why"?

Our "why" motivation comes from being Grandparents (GGMa and GDude) established 2014. Seeing our Grandsons growing up has reinvigorated us to a new level! And the joy we spend seeing them has us speechless most times. 2020 and Covid really was difficult for us, not seeing them weekly when not daily like Pre-Covid. It was tough on GGMa and GDude, really tough. And not just for us, for all Grandparents, Parents, Uncles and Aunts, Sisters and Brothers. For us though, we pride ourselves on teaching them about the world they live in. . .what they can become, Empower and Inspire to be! Therein lies our "why". We are making up for lost time, and our most important asset is time. So much to do, such little time.

So "why" we do what we do? . . .it is about our now and future, the now and future for our Grandsons! It is all about them, our motivational reasons of "why". "Why" not do for them and others in this world, right?

Short and concise. . .our "why". . .

For more, please feel free to come back for updates.

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