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G for Growth

Empowered by G, as you already know, is a custom clothing lineup led by two Grandparents (GMa and GDude). These two are veterans of the Retail Industry as Department Store Buyers, Product Developers, and Sourcing Managers with over twenty years of experience. They also carry Personal Development experience as Motivational Speakers, Mentors, and Life Coaches. The grandparents are now focused on adding the "G for Growth" factor to your children and grandchildren through custom clothing.

Young kids are the future of the coming decades and centuries. We, the parents and grandparents are very conscious and concerned about the 360-degree growth of our toddlers. And when we talk about growth, we talk about learning and knowledge. Making your toddler learn new terms and things can be very challenging at times. You may struggle to grasp their concentration on something or catch their attention altogether. Parents and grandparents are well familiar with this struggle. Hence, we at "Empowered by G" have decided to take up the responsibility of making your work easy and fun.

Empowered by G focuses on a wide variety of "G for Growth" factors for your kids and grandkids. And by growth, we refer to the growth of their curiosity, dreams, vocabulary, and their interest in different professions and industries. All these are taken care of with the help of fun to wear clothes.

Custom clothing is not only cool to adults, they can be cool to your toddler as well. And we have decided to transform your kid's clothing into a fun way to learn and grow. Empowered by G clothing lineup is custom-designed to make learning a fun part of their life. Make your kid wear something cool and let them spend time exploring what is written on his/her dress. Let them proudly wear clothes that teach them about different professions far early in life. Let them learn new terms written on their apparel. It is a fun and entertaining approach that keeps your kid interested in the process of learning and exploring new things.

Our custom clothing lineup currently offers professions such as:

  • Software Ninja

  • Gamer Dude

  • Doctor

  • Astronaut

  • Fire Fighter

  • Police Officer

  • Leader

  • AI Fanatic

  • Robotic Ninja

  • Teacher

  • Entrepreneur

Our other clothing lineups focus on the increased vocabulary of the young kid. The custom clothes teach them new terms, increasing their language skills. The clothing is fun to wear, read, and to be worn proudly! There are more coming down the line to add more to the "G for Growth" of your children.

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