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Keep updated with our current and future promotions. . .

As a business owner, we like to keep our clients informed whenever possible. And since you have asked, and it is always great to know of our current and future promotions, there are many ways in which you can do so. . .

First and foremost, become a member by either signing up on our website and when you do purchase an item, you are automatically a member of our family!

We also update our Instagram and Twitter accounts with updated current and future promotions. You cannot miss them, they will always be in eye catching fuchsia background. You can certainly follow us on our Instagram and Twitter accounts when you click on those familiar icons found on our website banner. Our Instagram is also found at the bottom of our website's homepage. . .

Finally, when you choose, you can also go to

What would you find? Of course our promotional calendar, and most importantly the COUPON CODES for you to use on specific products.

Another reason to become Empowered and Inspired!!!

Enjoy your week -- stay well safe and healthy!!! . . .EmpoweredbyG

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