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About Empowered by G

We look to Empower and Inspire!

First and foremost, Empowered by G are Grandparents (note the G for Grandparents) to two wonderful Grandsons (again, a G) who are our inspiration.  We created some of our initial products to 1) increase a child's vocabulary, 2) Empower and Inspire a child to dream, ask questions, and learn terminology, and 3) invoke curiosity and interest in different professions and industries at an early age.  Overall, the clothing are fun to wear, read, and to be worn proudly!

Empowered by G are veterans of the Retail Industry as Department Store Buyers, Product Developers, and Sourcing Managers with over twenty years experience.  In addition to all of that under their belts, Empowered by G have Personal Development experience as Motivational Speakers, Mentors, and Life Coaches.  Gigi (note the G) aka GGMa (yes, another G) completed her Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and co-authored the book "The Power of Mentorship for Woman Entrepreneur".  Dan aka Grand Dude (GDude for short, ahem, note the G) completed a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and authored the book "Get in the Game" (yet two more Gs).

Finally, Empowered by G also stands for Global Travel-a true passion of theirs, and their beloved dog, Gucci (their Little Girl).

Empowered by G revolves around Gigi and Dan in so many ways!  All of them combined Empower and Inspire them in this creative endeavor.  After all, they humbly just want to share with everyone​ the joy of Empowered by G!

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