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Use Your Clothing To Show What Empowers You

Clothing is a statement. What you wear reflects who and what you want to be in the world. Fashion has always given me the feeling of empowerment. We can select items that make us feel good and comfortable when stepping outside. Empowerment in itself is just that, having control over your life and choosing to live it in a way that brings you joy.

Clothing also provides empowerment through letting our individuality shine. Be proud of who you are and show the world what your passion is. When it comes to passion, what is more important than our passion for the future? With the new Future Collection, we have created a line that lets you express what your future will hold.

The Future Collection features a variety of clothing styles all imprinted with messages of empowerment. With the bold statement of 'I Am' placed directly in the center, the surrounding text features strong phrases that relate to the particular career path. Highlighting what skills you have that have directed you to aim for this path.

These messages do not only help empower those who wear them, but they also have an empowering effect on others. Someone who may not be sure about what their path might be, or may have doubts, can find inspiration from you wearing your message,

While we are still adding to the list of professions. We currently have messages for those who are passionate about those who have unique clothing to showcase their skills. The current professions available are:

  • Coder

  • Software Ninja

  • Gamer Dude

  • Doctor

  • Astronaut

  • Fire Fighter

  • Police Officer

  • Leader

  • AI Fanatic

  • Robotic Ninja

  • Teacher

  • Entrepreneur

The Future Collection is designed for children, teens, and young adults. As they travel down their path in life, these messages provide a strong backdrop to who they want to become. Empowerment starts from within, with an idea of who you are and who you would like to be.

At Empowered by G, we take that sense of pride in sharing what matters to us to the next level. Our clothing is designed to create inspiration for us and those around us. We create comfortable clothing in a variety of styles, designed with messages of inspiration, for the whole family. Our line of adult wear encourages you to take on every day and 'Be Phenomenal.

Sometimes, all that we need is a little encouragement to remember our goals in life and the power that we possess to obtain them. Join us in sharing empowerment.

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